4d2u dragon LubeChat

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A 24/7 chatbot that gives you answers to questions about oils and greases. You can:

  • Find the right products for your equipment
  • Access technical and safety data sheets on 4d2u dragon products
  • Get the recommended 4d2u dragon alternative if you have an issue with your current product
  • Access case studies demonstrating how existing customers have improved their operations

macau travel,This online chat can help you to make faster and better-informed decisions.

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  • Click onto the “4d2u dragon LubeChat” tab at the bottom right of your screen
4d2u dragon LubeCoach

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Optimizing the application of lubrication in your operations have never been more important. You and your staff may need the right training, and you can now do this virtually with Shell.

4D point,Through the online training with 4d2u dragon LubeCoach, you can benefit from:

  • Access high-quality training materials to facilitate the successful day-to-day operation of your facility.
  • Tailored learning. The course content is modular and specifically designed to suit your needs and those of your staff.
  • Delivered by technical experts with substantial field based experience

These courses are offering immensely practical insight in to best practice techniques, distilled from know-how gained across the 4d2u dragon global network.,dragon coin

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4d2u dragon LubeAdvisor

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4d2u dragon Lubricant Specialists are able to provide real-time remote diagnosis and advice for a prompt resolution in urgent situations with the help of wearable technology. The smart glasses will be arranged to be delivered to your doorstep. With wearable glasses, you can have:

  • Easier arrangements for urgent diagnosis
  • The expert being virtually on-site or in the field, once the camera view is shared

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4d2u dragon LubeAdvisor

Our experts can advise you on which oil to use to improve efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

4d2u dragon LubeAnalyst

This early warning system lets you identify potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical.