“Nutritional Support in Intensive Care Unit patients” (Topic 18) of Life Long Learning (LLL) programme

Dear participants of 9th Interntional Baltic Congress of Anaesthesiology, Intensive care and Pain management,

You have a possibility to participate in the live course “Nutritional Support in Intensive Care Unit patients” (Topic 18) of Life Long Learning (LLL) programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism which will be held on Day 3 (27 October, 2018 9.00- 12.30). This course is organized by the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN).
The number of participants is limited to 40. In order to participate, additional registration is mandatory. No additional payment is required if a person is registered to participate in the Congress. If you are not registered for the Congress, the participation fee is 50 Eur.
We are kindly ask you to register HERE.

LLL programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism is an educational programme for medical doctors and healthcare specialists, organized as on-line and live courses and offering 120 training modules created and peer reviewed by recognized experts in the field. It was developed as the project BG-03-B-F-PP-166039 of Leonardo da Vinci Programme byESPEN and a number of European Universities with the support of the European Union. LLL Programme in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism was accredited by Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes.
The main educational unit of LLL-Programme is the module. Each module consists of a review on specific diseases or syndromes or techniques, clinical case, self-assessment test and grading quiz. Modules on related subject areas are grouped into topics. The educational curriculum consists of 40 topics and 120 modules.

The enrolment for each topic provides free of charge access to the educational content and the opportunity to get credits and certificates.
The LLL programme offers training on-line and at live courses. On-line training and training at live courses awards Credits. Each topic taken on-line offers up to 4 CME credits after successful pass of corresponding grading quizzes for the topic.

Participation in a live course in one topic offers 4 CME credits. Credit accumulation gives the opportunity to apply for final examination for the ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition.
There are no fees for registration and participation in on-line activities. The address for registration is www.lllnutrition.com.
Live courses are a compulsory component of training in the LLL programme. Each topic includes 3-4 modules and has a 4 hours format. Llive course consists of 3 components: Lectures, cases and test.

Before attending a live course, the participants should be registered on the LLL Web Portal (www.lllnutrition.com), and should study the on-line modules included in the live course.
To get ESPEN Diploma in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism the participants have to accumulate credits and to pass final examination. 120 CME credits are necessary to sit for the final examination. A minimum of 56 credits from live courses and 64 credits from on-line courses are requested. The final examination, if passed awards the additional 20 credits.
The examination is organized annually at ESPEN Congress.